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Hotwire is a travel website that offers airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and vacation packages. It operates by selling off unsold travel inventory at discounted prices. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Hotwire, Inc. is an operating company of the Expedia Group, which also operates the website ClassicVacations, Expedia, Hotels, Orbitz, Travelocity and Egencia.

"Lei" from Bedford Massachusetts, on the website ConsumerAffairs on July 16, 2020, complains about Hotwire refusing to refund his/her money in a cancelation due to Covid-19 restrictions:

"I booked a rental car with Hotwire on Jan. 19, 2020, for pickup at Honolulu international airport on August 21, 2020. Due to Covid-19 and mandatory quarantine imposed by the state of Hawaii, we need to cancel our trip, Hotwire refuses to give us the money back. The rental car company Hertz provides a full refund because of Covid-19. Hotwire is stealing my money during a pandemic, while every other company is doing the right thing and providing a full refund. This company is a shameful scam and only cares about itself."


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Former Employee - Software Developer says

"- Tons of middle management that micromanagement. - Lack of structure, not great of a place of planning and executing. - Terrible collaboration space and is a place where people just end up throwing people under the bus. - Tons of these reviews haven't impacted the culture and people think someone is "trolling". The fact that this hasn't been addressed means that Hotwire no longer cares about their people. Was not the case 2 years ago."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Sr.Director - Total favoritism, cheap politics, low work ethics, no value and respect. She will not treat people with human dignity. How can Hotwire compete with other tech giants, if Hotwire hires these kind of Sr.Directors, who just manage like task masters and have no depth and technical expertise. Unless the whole Tech management changes, Hotwire will lose in long run. Incompetent managers in Tech take wrong decisions and find scapegoats within their team. Can't stand for what is right and just follows what ever the Sr.Director says. Lot of favoritism at work place, only sycophants succeed here. This manager got low approval rating last time, didn't address any of teams' concerns. Employees who couldn't stand this manager, left the team and only sycophants remained. They suck up to each other. Guess how the approval rating for this manager is going to be in the next review period- All these sycophants who remained will give high approval rating. These bad managers remain in HOTWIRE. This is how the SYSTEM IS FLAWED.. Favoritism- CTO hires his native speaking Sr.Director and architects. These in turn hire more of their native speakers. They encourage each other at the expense of other employees. Rampant favoritism among themselves. WorkFrom Home- CTO publicly proclaimed that work from home is only for high performers - This means management doesn't trust employees. Feedback- Despite having a "anonymous" feedback system, things wont be even addressed. They keep making speeches that they value employees feedback and working on it- But it is a total farce. LayOffs: They lay off people who don't toe their line in the name of Re-orgs- BEWARE !"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"I really appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback. I am sorry that your experience with Hotwire has been less than ideal. As leader of the Technology organization, my job is to ensure we have a culture that is cutting-edge, diverse, progressive, respectful and one that supports our employee’s career aspirations. I am 100% committed to creating a workplace that creates such a culture. Here are some of the practices we follow today to foster a robust and healthy engineering culture: - We designed our hiring process to optimize attraction of the best while giving the candidate opportunity to meet with multiple stakeholders and functions within Hotwire such as Tech, Product, HR, etc. For senior roles we have bar-raisers sourced from other sister brands within larger Expedia Group to ensure talent caliber is consistent across the Expedia Group. - We have implemented communication channels for employees to provide open, honest feedback and ask questions. These channels include our Expedia Group annual employee survey, monthly all hands (with anonymous slido Q&A), departmental all hands , skip level meetings, regular 1:1’s, and development conversations. - I hold weekly open office hours for anyone in my organization to stop by and have a chat. These open office hours have been immensely helpful for me to stay connected with engineers on the ground, listen to what’s going well and what isn’t and hear ideas & suggestions so that we can collectively improve as an organization. - We have established avenues like Hackathons and fixathons that empower engineers to showcase their innovation and put them in the driver seat to make an impact on our customers & business. - We have made significant progress in 2019 on modernizing our technology stack. To call out a few…..we migrated our entire traffic to cloud in record time, we built a modern data and machine learning platform, we are migrating our FE technology stack to React, we have built a brand new content platform to power our landing page experiences. Having said all the above, Is there friction in the system? Is there scope for improvement? heck yeah! Like any other workplace there are opportunities to improve. We take feedback seriously and I am all ears. If you are at Hotwire please do use one of the communication channels to provide feedback and suggestions. You can always stop by during my open office hours to have a chat. If you have moved into a new role outside of Hotwire I would still love to hear from you over coffee or lunch so please reach out to me! Thanks again for taking the time to provide your feedback. It’s extremely important for us. Sincerely, Anand Rajagopalan Chief Technology Officer, Hotwire"

Former Employee - Engineering Manager says

"Leadership lack vision and courage. Engineering organization needs complete revamp. Product doesn’t know the market fit. Marketing needs to get back to basics and aligned with product."

Current Employee - Software Development Engineer says

"- Company is crazily hiring tonnes of Directors and Sr. Directors in the company. Positions of ground workers like developers, designers, content, analytics remain unfilled. This has led to too much micromanagement, loads of people asking for status and none to do the work!!! In recent days, esp in Engineering seen unnecessary positions created on the fly with a multitude of hierarchy just to secure managements positions. Fun Fact- There is also a Director of TPM and a herd of TPMs for only running standups and sprint meetings!!! - Managers never discuss about career growth with the teams. The company should invest in training for managers, particularly how to promote discussions on career growth of employees. - Hotwire is hiring many former employees from MACY'S as Macy's is a company. Asa result in the quality of recent hires has gone down drastically. - Not the right place for developers, who don't want to play politics. Rampant politics and favoritism in such a small company. - Extremely rare instance of promotions in Engineering org. See frequent promotions and role changes happening in the Product org though. This sucks for developers and engineers!! - Don't promote role changes! Engineering Directors and Managers highly dissuade any idea or discussions of role change."

Former Employee - Account says

"There are no cons for this job"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Salary is not competitive to the market. You will find people working at your sister brands like Expedia being paid more or have a higher level even if you are doing the same exact job."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1. For career growth and promotion, you need to be in good book of directors/managers. 2. Every year or two layoffs happens as business is going down. 3. People play blame game if something goes wrong. 4. Lake of motivation and all smart people are leaving or already left. 5. No value of engineers even though it's so called tech company. 6. No RSU and No competitive market salary."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1. Leadership team is a joke. 2. Restructuring and layoffs every 3 months. Absolute instability with no respect for the individual contributors. 3. No career growth unless you are great at politics and sucking up. 4. Managers have been promoted to Director level because they have been working at the company for very long time. They lack expertise and standards to drive any positive impact to the people and business. 5. Pay is horrible and don't expect any promotions."


"This company doesn't believe in building employees morale. In addition, doesn't believe in pay increase at all. Has great potential but needs alot of management improvement"

Customer Engagement Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I wish I could rate this company 0 stars. I thought working at Hotwire was going to be a fun, exciting, family oriented company. I always tried to find the silver lining. There is none. The service is horrible. I feel sorry for the customers who are forced into contracts with Hotwire. The Tucker office is the worst. There is a lot of favoritism shown. The EVP is a nice guy though. The HR lady there is so sneaky and conniving. She is a piece of work. A young ladies mother passed away during training she didn't offer any condolences only that she had X amount of occurences and would be terminated. During training we all talked about the bad reviews and if they had any truth. They Do. Run from this company. Even if this place is a last option. Run.... I came from a fortune 500 company and I am a lifetime hospital employee. Let me maintain my lane and get back to really helping people. Not stealing from them. The contracts are bogus. The PTO policy is horrible. The 401K is commical. They match .5%. Customers' threaten to contact BBB all of the time, as they should. The employees need to contact osha. The morale and culture in that office really makes you hate going to work. Stressful job. Micromanaging at its finest. Benefits are terrible. You will not receive a raise. They have lost some of the best employees by their shady business practices. Do yourself a favor don't do this to your mental."

Worker (Former Employee) says

"Read all the reviews, can so many be wrong? NO! They are spot on, this place is ran by amateurs who run off talent so not to be called out on mismanagement. Look elsewhere, you’ve been warned."

Warehouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"There's no growth nor compensation in this company. I've been here for 3 yrs and gone above and beyond my duties and still at the same pay I came in with. I apply for other positions within the company and get denied only because i'm too valuable for the warehouse. At the same time they don't want to compensate you."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Not a great place to work. Everyone stabs each other in the back-you can’t trust no one. A lot of favoritism and people who don’t do their jobs actually get promoted. Bad work is actually rewarded here as long as you are friends with the right people. No raises -unless you by chance get promoted. They don’t even drug test their employees -not even their techs who drive company vehicles. Very interesting place to work."

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"The company lacks professionalism and support. Not culturally moving with the times. The goal is to keep the owner happy with little to no reward. Lots of shortcuts, lack of quality in output.Great peopleNo longterm reward"

Launch Technician Fiber Optics Installer (Former Employee) says

".poor management , not good benefits , no help at all , if you are happy with a low paycheck go for it no enough to support a family most people quit in 6 months or less"

Site Lead Technician/Fiber Optic Technician (Former Employee) says

"Ego driven workplace with no advancement or raise structure. Morale is always down from employees. Mgmt needs to step it up like At&t. Friends and cousins hire each other and promote each other so if your not a close friend or family member, that means no advancement for you."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"That place is the WORSE place I have ever worked. The customers are spoiled brats that want instant gratification as the company wanted us to provide white glove service but cant deliver white glove service. Insurance is extremely high, and the pay is not great for what the job entails. Management is lazy and never want to help with escalations and show favoritism to people that have been there the longest. It feels like slave labor and the equipment that they are giving these customers has to be faulty because the call center has a high volume of calls daily about the same issues. No growth whatsoever within and the turnover rate is super high. No morale.Dead end job! Beware!!!"

Technician (Current Employee) says

"First off one month in I found out people had been there 5 years with no pay increase. I've been here 3 years was offered pay increase was told the sooner I sign my paper the faster I would get my pay increase. that was over six months ago. there is no room for any advancement. my work phone broke down and they expected me to use my personal phone if our trucks break down the expect us to use our personal vehicles.Nonesee above"

Lead Technician (Former Employee) says

"Too many customer complaints about poor service and over priced fee's. Staff is really unprofessional and cannot provide a real training for new applicants.PaycheckHorrible schedules, racist behavior"

Capital Accountant (Former Employee) says

"I resigned after one month due to a hostile work environment and a manager who was a jerk. No one in accounting like him and employees would not work with him. Plus there was a major tax fraud in the business.NonePoor and rude management who did not know how to manage people and wirk"

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"They're going to sell you a dream about "progression" & moving up within the company. LIES! It's NOT about what you know and what you can bring to the company. It's about WHO you know within the company. Very closely monitored on the phone calls and they will be quick to have a meeting about what you did wrong. But for some strange reason, they will overlook the fact that the customers will talk to you any way they see fit.Pay is okay. Free Lunches "Depending on how management feels that week".Management. No progression within company. NO HOLIDAYS off! Super Micro Managed."

Lead Service Tech (Former Employee) says

"This company only thinks of one thing money!!! Poor quality to the customer at a high price. I don't see how this company is still in business. This company will not last much longer."

Field Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The tech is awesome ! Unfortunately they manage the business like they own the world they treat loyalty with disdain . Do not work there if your looking for a career it is not promised nor should you expect it."

Senior Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"amazing company, amazing product, upper management is terrible, they lie to the owner and hide issues. the president of the company needs to go, very shady."

Tech (Former Employee) says

"The title speaks for itself. Every employee at Hotwire are nothing but expendable assests. -Management will suck you dry, and dispose of you. -If you are are threat to someones advancement and/or position, they will find any excuse to alienate you until you quit. -Nothing is organized or set in stone. One thing will be said, and be completely different the next day. -No procedures or real processes. Everything is being made up along the way. -Due to the fact that 90% of the employees there have no where else to go, they will stab you in the back to ensure that they remain in good graces with upper management. -Watch what you tell your coworkers or peers. There are people who will pretend to befriend you, and report everything back to your boss. -Insecurities are very high amongst employees. Due to the high turn over rate, and the various demands of upper management, titles/job descriptions are never organized or set. -The owner of the company is extremely out of touch with her employees and allow the tyrants(upper management) to do whatever they please. Even if it’s to the detriment of the company. -The level of respect is very poor. Management regularly gossips and degrades each other to one another. If they do not like you, they will berate you and slander your name throughout the office. Discrediting you every chance they get. -Being considerate and trustworthy is deemed as weakness. Being cold and calculated is glorified. If after everything you read, you still decide to apply here, please know that you have been warned.Nothing.Everything."

LNP - Provisioning Specialist (Current Employee) says

"interdepartmental communication is a joke, no one gets a long with each other, and half the teams don't have immediate supervisors to provide them support... don't do itnonehotwire"

Technical Support (Current Employee) says

"If you ever get contacted or decide you need to find a job quick and you're desperate for something ...suck it up and keep on moving you'll be better off in the long run.Worst company ever at least the tucker office is.noneeverything about this company sucks"

Technical Support Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Poor management. It's like going back to high school. Management is like dictators and only give opportunities to their inner circle. If you have time to take off most likely it won't get approved so your pto is waseted."

Brad says

"Hotwire rips people off We were assured that Hotwire was booking a 3 star hotel, they told me their 3 Star hotels included Hyatt, Holiday inn, Sheraton and Wyndham . What we got was a local hotel with a terrible reputation And the only 3 star rating was on Hotwire Everywhere else it was 2 or 2.5 with very poor reviews. Just in case, I paid an additional “insurance” fee for the privilege of cancelling if we needed to. Unfortunately, my wife was having back issues and medically there was no way she could go to the hotel. I called Hotwire and was informed that the “insurance” only applied to medical emergencies or natural Disasters basically. I was then told to call the “insurance” company who informed me that I would have to file a claim, and provide a doctor’s report to be considered For a refund. Are you serious? Why did I pay extra for travelers insurance? What a shady set up. Not only am I out the $160.00 Booking fee, but the insurance charge as well. I will never, ever use Hotwire again. I had used them 7 or 8 years ago, and got a 5 star hotel at a good price, but recently , I think they have become less forthcoming on their ratings and have lowered their standards to increase profit, it appears to me. I won’t use them . Beware. "

Connor King says

"Worst experience ever"

Jason Kinard says

"Hotwire has refused to refund over $1,100, even though I canceled my trip because of a DECLARED STATE OF EMERGENCY in Washington DC 1/19/2021-1/24/2021. They blamed the Hilton Arlington, Arlington Hilton blamed them."

Paul says

"I was looking up prices on Hotwire. Hotwire would not allow me to book a rental car with the preferences that I wanted. Specifically, I wanted to pick up a car in one city, and drop it off in another city. As I was looking up prices, the next thing that happened was I got a booking confirmation that was completely wrong. This was regarding a rental car. Before I knew what was happening, Hotwire sent me a confirmation of a booking that I did not want. I had to call the rental car company and cancel the reservation and then oh, I had to call Hotwire and cancel the reservation again. I don't know what's happening with Hotwire but they are going way down hill. Never trust them oh, it is my opinion that they are liars and will try to steal your money. That's what they did with me. Never trust Hotwire!"

Nicholas says

"Well when corona struck we tried to reach customer service to try to cancel our booking, needless to say they did not reply and now it’s 11 months and still not even feedback, money lost that was expected due to the crisis but not getting any message or apologies or even a short message is just outright rotten. Big no no to use"

chrisleebear says

"The rental car company ( NuCar rental ) that "Hot"wire hooked us up with was not so hot. They had very limited scope of use and a lot of ridiculous fine print that prohibited us from using the rental. Since we booked with Hotwire the rental company said we had to talk with Hotwire for refund. Hotwire has a no change / cancellation policy after the first 24 hours of booking which they will screw you with every time. We ended up paying $150 for a rental car that we couldn't use and Hotwire wouldn't refund. Don't book with Hotwire. Terrible customer service."

Brian Hughes says

"Hotwire sucks. Admit fault and apologize but do nothing about it. I wish i could upload pic of the rental minivan I am currently renting for $1,500. Has been in small fender bender and Nu Car rental must have decided not to fix it. Specifically asked Hotwire agent I was concerned about renting with a company I am not familiar with. I was assured that all partner companies were held to the same standards and I could feel comfortable. I am here to tell you that is not the case AT ALL and now i am stuck $1,500 into a crummy reservation and experience. Day (1) of (37). Awesome...."

Denise R. Davis says

"Hotwire is a joke online traveling agency. All hotwire does is bring trash in from the street to hotels for a night and give cheap rates and should be shut down along with expedia. People always complain about stupid stuff and get cheap rates from $30 to $40 dollars a night ."

Victor R says

"Rented a car through Hotwire they confirmed it cost me $201.59 and insurance $44, I got to the car rental place and NU rental company told me they can't rent the car to me because they don't drive from Las Vegas to Texas, they said they were just tell Hotwire I didn't get the car so I wouldn't be charged, I called Hotwire about this transaction and they told me all transactions are final and he could not help me, I asked for a manager or an email or a phone number to talk to management and he wouldn't give it to me I even called the insurance Allanz and talk to that person and they couldn't help me. So I got charged for services they did not render very upsetting that they would not return my money, I did not get a rental car and still had to pay it and my insurance. Hotwire lied because they sent a paper I got said I rented it and they tracked me that's a flat-out lie by Hotwire that I rented this vehicle . they would not even give me a phone number to the management from the people I was talking to when called Hotwire."

Elizabeth says

"Worst company ever. I tried to cancel my hotel reservation as soon as I found out the area wasn’t where I was looking for and they were charging me a $20 fee without any reason. It was their fault I booked that hotel an hour from the place request it. NEVER again with hotwire."

Fatima Sadjadpour says

"I booked my car rental through hotwire and the confirmation email that I received included the base payment that I had already paid through the website and included $44 as tax and fees which was going to be paid when picking up the car at the airport. Then when I was picking up the car, they charged me for $141 instead of $44 that hotwire has told me I will be charged. At the airport counter, they told me there have been lots of other customers with the same situation and that's hotwire's miscommunication that misleads the customers. Obviously I had to pay that extra amount to get the car, but then after calling hotwire support system, they kept telling me that's not their responsibility and I have to deal with the car rental company itself. the manager of customer support call basically hang up in the middle of the call and didn't even try to solve the issue with the car rental company. I'm super dissatisfied with hotwire customer service and if there are any extra fees that customers should pay, they should let the customer know about it, as we are not dealing with the car rental car company when booking with hotwire. I won't use hotwire in the future and won't recommend it. They should learn to respect customers before providing service."

Paul Toma says

"I booked a hotel through hotwire and then found a cheaper rate on another site. I called hotwire and the rep told me they can't refund the difference b/c I already checked in to the hotel. What a load of s**t. I paid at the time of booking so what difference does it make. Either you honor your guarantee or you don't. Scandalous heathens!!"

Shirley Page says

"I also experienced false advertisement from hotwire. I thought I was booking my dream hotel and instead was booked elsewhere with no refund and the credit card cannot help me due to not having enough proof that hotwire committed bait and switch. I want to start a class action lawsuit against hotwire and if anyone is interested. Please reach out to me and we can gather enough evidence and get justice for all the people that were cheated by hot wire."


"HOTWIRE. SHADY COMPANY Do not use their service. I was given a credit from a hotel that i booked whose toilet would not flush during the stay. The credit expired in November. Called hotwire today Dec 20, 2020 to ask for extension for the credit because of COVID 19. Basically their is nothing Hotwire is willing to do. People need to boycott this company. Their customer service is non existent. Do Not Do Business With them!!!!!!!!!"

Steve S says

"If I could give this company zero stars i would...Every other travel booking company I've ever used hast flexibility with travel plans and capabilities of changing booking arrangements prior to your trip - especially with rental cars. Not the case with Hotwire!!! Their deals aren't any better than the other companies (, priceline etc) but they pretty much take your money and run. Once you book, there are no refunds - so make sure your plans are set in stone if you use Hotwire. Or better yet, just go somewhere else and save yourself a lot of time, money and pain."

Rebecca Rodriguez Moreno says

"Now reading hotwire reviews . They do keep your money . I rent for a vehicle. I couldn't get a vehicle cause u need a major credit card to take out a vehicle. So how u need a major credit card if they already took out my money right away with my visa debit card .. I just dont understand if they took my money out of bank then I couldn't get a vehicle.. so they credit my money so how can I get a vehicle and it's the same so hotwire will keep money.. cause I will never be able to get a car with out a major credit card. So I wonder about hotel. So I dont recommend and I didn't do on line I had a customer service help me.. then when u realize u didn't do it right it's to late they took out money right away.."

Dan says

"Rented a car through Ace Car Rental in Orlando.....NEVER AGAIN! The rental place is old and filthy...the lines to pick up and drop off are beyond long....our rental car was dirty.....cost of additional driver was 10.00 PER DAY! Their Sun Pass fee is also 10.00 PER DAY......Employees extremely not helpful and made me feel like THEY were doing me a favor. Never again...and I’m surprised that Hotwire even associates with them"

Palmer Thing says

"I made a reservation for July 2020. As in the Pandemic we were not allowed to travel. Not only did I pay $500.00 for a car I never rented. I did not get to use the car. My credit card company was not able to retrieve the amount due to them showing the terms and conditions. I never made business with them? So how can this happen. I can not believe this company is such a joke! Never again and I will post in every website and online for people not to use them. Disgusting. I hope your mom uses your service!"

Bryce Thomas says

"Every time I read a review about Hotwire or Expedia, I ask myself the same question. Why is this legal? All they are doing is sitting behind computers stealing money. These are scams that should be taking place in Nigeria. I partially blame our government because people will do whatever you let them."

Mindy Forsythe says

"SAD! Unfortunately they don’t care about you as a customer or the service they provide. I made a reservation over a month in advance and was stuck with NU, a rental place away from the airport in a sketchy alley. While checking in at NU, they told me they only had a van left and basically couldn’t accommodate my rental, I called Hotwire to see if they had something with a different rental company back at the airport. The rep told me there was nothing unless I wanted to pay $900 for an SUV or a Luxury car. I politely asked if there was anything they could do as I was literally stuck in an alley with no rental or idea of what to do. Again, she said there was nothing she could do. I am utterly upset at the fact my reservation was well in advance and the rental place did not try to contact me at any point to let me know they did not have a car. SAD, for Hotwire to leave someone stranded. May look like a good deal, but it’s not."

Judy says

"I booked a car for a week and due to the recent outbreak update in COVID 19 cases in Arkansas our plans were canceled. When I called to reschedule they said that they could not refund nor credit for later date. We have been Hotwire customers since 2004. Its a shame that they are not even willing to credit to a later date due to the current worldwide pandemic. They lost a long standing customer with me. is my new source." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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